AAC Bundle for SLPs

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This all-in-one bundle includes a TON of AAC resources for SLPs so you can complete and interpret your evals confidently and competently.

Included in this bundle:

  • AAC Competency
    • Use this to determine your level of competence with AAC and set goals for improvement.
    • NOTE: I can not and do not guarantee any clinician’s competence; this is used for educational purposes / reference only.
  • AAC Eval Checklist
    • Get yourself organized for every AAC eval with this easy-to-follow checklist.
  • AAC Toolkit
    • Quick reference for strategies, considerations, materials, and other helpful hints for your AAC evaluation and therapy sessions.
  • AAC Evaluation
    • This guide walks you through the critical components of an AAC eval, step by step.
  • AAC Eval Template & Goal Bank
    • Now that you’ve evaluated your patient, use this documentation guide to help you efficiently document your findings, recommendations, & goals.
    • EPIC-friendly!
  • AAC Multimodal Handout
    • Use this simple visual with your patients and their loved ones.
    • This handout serves as a reminder that communication is more than just speech!
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Included in this comprehensive bundle:

AAC Competency
AAC Eval Checklist
AAC Toolkit
AAC Evaluation
AAC Eval Template & Goal Bank
AAC Multimodal handout
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13 pages

AAC Bundle for SLPs

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